ESAB AristoMig C300/300 & AristoFeed 30L-4

High performance MIG machines for light and medium industrial applications

The ideal system for the professional user
working with advanced applications up to

AristoMig C300 and 300 are ideal partners when it comes to efficient production or prefabrication of high alloyed materials with a very high demand on the welding performance for materials up to 5mm. AristoMig C300 and 300 allows the choice of following processes; MIG/MAG, pulse MIG , MMA. The choice of processes is related to the different control panels. The power sources are based on inverter IGBT technology that provides reliable equipment with outstanding welding characteristics.
The communications and control CAN-bus system means less cables, which in turn increases operational reliability.

Feeding system for all applications
The power sources are optimised to operate together with the wire feed system AristoFeed 30L-4. The compact version has the feeder build in the power source. With separate version connection cables up to 15 m provides a wide working radius and together with all standard accessories as wheel kit, lifting eye it’s provide full flexibility.

The TrueArcVoltage System, in combination with an ESAB PSF gun, guarantees that you weld with the correct arc voltage independent of any voltage drop in the welding cables. This means that you will get the same arc voltage and weld result either you have a set-up with short connection cable and 3m gun or a set-up with 15 meter working radius.

Synericlines and pulsed welding The user-friendly MMC panel MA6 provides AristMig 300 with ESAB total data bank of synergic lines, It also include the basic need for pulsed welding for almost all Mig applications

AristoPendant U8* for advanced applications AristoPendant U8 support a quick access to synergic setting. More than 100 pre-programmed synergic lines are available. Welding based on pre-programmed synergic data reduce the preparation before start to a minimum.

The memory provides additional functionality. The capacity to store up to 99 welding parameters which can be recalled when ever needed. A number of soft buttons with flexible functions provides direct access to Hot start, crater fill, 2/4-stroke etc.

• Advanced mild and stainless steel fabrication
• Advanced aluminium fabrication
• Prefabrication for offshore and shipbuilding
• Production of linen drapery (white goods)
• Process plants
• Aluminium vehicles
• Nuclear & Aerospace
• QA Applications
• Prefabrication of Ni based material


• Reliable and smooth starts and end. supported by efficient Hot-start and crater fill functions

• Efficient Man Machine Communication by the user-friendly   control panels MA6 or AristoPendant U8

• Wide range of pre-programmed synergic lines. AristoPendant   U8 provide the facility to define and store customized synergic   lines for any material or gas combinations

• Memory for 10 (MA6) or 99 (AristoPendantU8) welding   parameters

• ESAB LogicPump ELP, secures automatic start of water   pump when connecting a PSF water cooled welding torch.

• TrueArcVoltage System, measures the correct arc voltage   value independent of the length of the connection cable, return   cable or welding gun.

• Aristo SuperPulse™, the welding process with the ability to   control the heat input (AristoPendant U8).

• Pre-programmed synergic lines, to ensure optimum settings   with a wide choice of materials, wire dimensions and gas   combinations.

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